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Welcome to CEFcult!

An enjoyable learning environment for assessing your intercultural communicative competence!

As employees increasingly work in international, multi-cultural settings, success in intercultural professional communication requires not only language skills, but also the ability to understand and deal with cultural and linguistic diversity. CEFcult aims to increase the language and intercultural skills of the (future) labour force in Europe.

The CEFcult platform should be viewed as a vehicle in which assessees and assessors can apply their interests, critical thinking, and creative ideas to self-selected areas of interest. It is a safe environment for learning helping language learners refine and improve their speech performance and communicative skills.

Learners are able to record themselves and make annotations, to peer review their assessments in social networks. The learner is in charge, but experts can be called in to feed the assessment from a professional perspective. As such, a résumé of a student online might be validated by means of a peer and an expert review, with a recording, imported from CEFcult.

"By means of this project, the transition from intercultural awareness to intercultural competence is very likely to be achieved."

External evaluator of the European Commission

Get started

You have two options to try out the CEFcult learning experience. You can Enter the CEFcult platform and try out the different scenarios which were developed in the framework of the CEFcult project. The second option is to download the CEFcult tool, which is open source, and install it on your own server.

Learn more

To learn more about CEFcult, please view the presentation below, given by Ana Maria Beaven, Universita di Bologna on the CercleS Seminar: Ten Years of the CEFR and the ELP in Groningen, The Netherlands